Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Shoes

This week's Wedding Wednesday post is a selection of images to inspire you when choosing your wedding shoes. Traditional brides often opt for the open toe white satin shoe, but with much more choice available now, an increasing number of brides are choosing a colourful and whimsical shoe style. Current popular shoes choices are Jimmy Choo bridal shoes and the Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoe, pictured below.

As a rule, you should always choose your shoe after your venue and dress. Your dress may require a high heel due to its length/train, or your venue may call for a more casual shoe (beach wedding, anyone?). It is also helpful to choose your bridal shoes before your bridesmaid's shoes, so they are best positioned to compliment or contrast your outfit.

Personally I haven't made a firm decision on my bridal shoe. At the moment I'm thinking a plain red or nude court shoe. Ladies, which are your favourites?

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wedding Wednesday: long sleeved wedding dresses

If you're a regular visitor to wedding or lifestyle blogs you've probably heard of Wedding Wednesday. It started as #weddingwednesday on Twitter as a way to share wedding tips on a specified day, and grew in popularity as a way for bloggers to share their wedding inspiration.

Today I'm sharing a selection of images from my Pinterest on a topic that I think will be foremost in the mind of many newly engaged ladies- the dress! These are a selection of dresses with long sleeves, which are often very popular for a winter wedding, but are also coming back into popularity due to Kate Middeton's wedding dress. All images are linked to their sources.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

An Introduction

Welcome to The British Bride! I'm Eve, your hostess, and I live in England with my fiancé . I'm due to get married in 2014, and this blog serves to detail my wedding planning journey and beyond, into marriage and life as a wife. I'm looking forward to blogging about all aspects of wedding planning, and giving you helpful tips, UK suppliers and DIYs.

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I hope you enjoy reading The British Bride!




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