Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Table Plans

Today's post is about wedding table plans. The primary purpose of the table plan at a wedding is to give your guests information about where they are sitting for your wedding breakfast. Choosing the table plan for your wedding can be stressful as it can be one of the most political decisions you make. Do you sit guests in their friendship groups or mix it up? Will you seat guests in the traditional way of boy-girl-boy-girl? Will there be a children's table? What about feeding your photographer/other suppliers? Who is seated at your top table? (Not as simple a decision as one might think).

Until these decisions are made it is difficult to organise your table plan. We have arranged most aspects of our wedding day but the table plan is yet to be decided, mainly because we can't seat people until all our RSVPs come in. However we have been looking at table plan designs, and I've been using the following photos as inspiration. Click on the images to be taken to their original source.

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