Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wedding Wednesday: How to choose your wedding favours

This week's Wedding Wednesday post is on the topic of wedding favours. The most popular and traditional favours in the UK are sugar covered almonds. Almonds as favours were historically used by the French aristocracy by the name Bomboniere, and five almonds were also used in Greece and the Middle East as a representation of health, wealth, fertility, happiness and long life.

Today wedding favours are still a common feature of most weddings, but couples are getting increasingly creative with favours. Favours can be almost anything, from sweet treats such as chocolates, to home made jam, cordial, plant seeds, and tea.

DIY favours are a great excuse for a bonding session with your bridesmaids or fiancé. They are also a good way to personalise your day. Favours can range from the expensive to the simple, but being on a budget doesn't mean you have to scrap favours. They are by no means compulsory, and for a while we considered not including them in order to cut down on cost, but after some research we discovered some great budget options that felt 'us' and suited our day. Below are some creative favour ideas that can be as expensive or as frugal as you like.

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